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March 4, 2012
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Omnitrix Alien for Andy by dreamer45 Omnitrix Alien for Andy by dreamer45
I've done so much with the Generator Rex part of Andy and his family/friends, now it's time for a little of the Ben 10 aspects of his character. :D

Andy has his own Omnitrix, courtesy of his dad, Ben, but it's pretty much a piece of shit because it was built in the GenRex world by Ben and Dr. Holiday rather than the Ben 10 world by Azmuth. There are times where it doesn't work and the occasional exploding in Andy's face, and it's just crappily put together (it has a purple band instead of some high-tech craziness like the Ultimatrix and shizz).

Andy has access to a number of aliens, but this one I drew here is his frequently used one like Humongousaur or Fourarms is to Ben. This one is more adaptable to other DNA, so it combines with Andy's so that it looks like him rather than some random alien. This alien can teleport, fly, and has super strength and speed. Ben picked this one for Andy's watch because its robotic nature makes it better compatible for Andy's nanites and easier to channel his builds through. I so badly want to name this form Skywarp, but I'd be even more unoriginal than I already am XD Any cool name suggestions?

I really like how the alien design came out :D Yes, I'm using "vop" as the teleporting sound effect because I saw someone use that for Skywarp from Transformers ;P Andy teleports when sparring with Dean so he can creep on him LIKE A BOSS. And then Andy saves Sam from some sort of peril, lol XD This is also Sam's first debut in color! I was going to give Sam Claire's eye color, but I couldn't find any good pictures of Claire's eyes! So until I figure that out, Sam will have dark blue-grey eyes :P Hopefully I'll be able to figure out more forms for Andy! Enjoy!

Ben 10 and Generator Rex (c) Man of Action
Sam Nixon belongs to ~Punkheart11
Dean Salazar belongs to ~bambzilla
Andy Salazar-Tennyson, his horribly unoriginal alien design, and art belong to me :D
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ImafanofTororo Sep 3, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
the Andy towards the end of the comic (The one backsassing the other guy (Sorry, I haven't been following enough to have learned his name if you've mentioned it)) kind of reminds me of the art style for the TV series "Horrid Henry"
Hmm, interesting. I've never heard of that show before.

To help you out, the other guy he's with is named Dean. They're inter-dimensional half brothers ;P
dragon1415 Sep 1, 2012  Student Artist
Where the Fuck have I been?! I so didn't see this lik never! Wtf?! Okay so yah now that,that's done theses r incredaible! Im just wow! I lik the one where andy has Sam its adoreablr and sweet and then the other one where andy takes his millions of years on the onmtix (damn don't know how to spell it) and andy looks awesome in the split warp! x)
Lol, thanks! I'm glad you like it! :D

And don't worry, I've missed pictures from people, too XP
dragon1415 Sep 1, 2012  Student Artist
Yay! It's so awesome :3

Lol so im not alone xD
xXDanielPhantomXx Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
iBeewitched Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
HELLYES, Skywarp inspired designer foreverrrr! Strangely makes me wanna do cosplay of him (if I was bothered to) haha xD
Wicked design though! :headbang:
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