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May 13, 2012
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Older Andy and Dean doodles by dreamer45 Older Andy and Dean doodles by dreamer45
Doodles of older Andy and Dean since I managed to pester ~bambzilla enough to make her post older Dean designs. XD

Andy isn't exactly thrilled that his other-dimensional bro came back to visit, understandable since Dean was kind of an attention whore and took Andy's friends from him *coughSamcough* last time he visited. ;P Dean's supposed to be freakishly tall as an adult, but HHRRRNGGH, that didn't really happen here. And Dean kinda looks like a derp, I need to practice more with his older design...

Top left, the boys meet up after 8 years (Andy's 21 and Dean's 20) and Andy no es contento. XD Top right, Dean's probably talking to Andy about girls and Andy doesn't really give a shit. :P Bottom left, Dean sees Andy's tattoo for the first time when they go to the pool and Andy gets pissed that everyone just feels the need to poke it. Bottom right, Dean probably made some snide comment about Andy's shirt.

Dean: Nice sweater, did your mommy buy it for you?

Andy: Piss off...

Enjoy! :D

Ben 10 and Generator Rex (c) Man of Action
Dean Salazar belongs to ~bambzilla
Andy Salazar-Tennyson and art belong to me
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Punkheart11 May 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha! I love the one in the top where Dean has his hand around Andy, its like he telling him of some grand scheme to get the ladies or something!
That's Dean for ya XP (lol, that one is one of my faves, too ;P)
:icoiloveitplz: So perfect!! Love the little combo of Dean and Andy, older and interacting it's priceless!! :D


Dean: I'm Verrrry popular with the ladies. *flexes bicep* Yep. They take one wiff of "Ode La Stud" and they come a runnin.

Andy: *patronizing smile* Yes. Friday it's "Come and get it gals-esquire" but by Saturday it's "El Trip to Free Clinic!"
bambzilla May 13, 2012  Student Filmographer
Hahahaha classic Dean and Andy! It's good to have the boys back together (You little pesterer!)

Dean's such a lady's man when it comes to women and Andy will just brush him off as some wierd perv. Love the tat bit. You drew Dean beautifully! It always puts a smile on my face when I see you draw Dean. I'm always honoured :3 Do you think they'll be glad to see each other again?

Awesome job my friend, now I need to contribute to this...
It sure is (I am a master pesterer XD)

True dat. Andy hates it when people poke his tattoo, Dean is no exception. XD
Aww, thank you! I feel the same way whenever you draw Andy. :D I think Andy would be a bit cynical at first when Dean comes back, but eventually warm back up to him. ;P

Thanks again. :D And yes, you should. XP
bambzilla May 13, 2012  Student Filmographer
Okay, give me some goss on older Andy! I don't want to ruin him when I draw him

Does he still have the same personality or has he changed in some way? Any new aliens or builds? Should we make them battle the same way Rex and Ben did in Heroes United? (Note me if you don't want everyone to know)
You have yet to ruin Andy, I think you've been doing a great job with him. ;)

Starting with the blatantly obvious, Andy's taller, buff, has a Decepticon tattoo on the left side of his chest, and grew his hair out longer. He's taller than Rex (not by much) but still shorter than Ben. His personality is pretty much the same, he's still a sweet, sensitive guy but he's also matured more and has become a bit more skeptical of certain things. It's not so much that Andy's gotten "smarter" over the years (he's pretty smart as a kid), but he's become more aware of things around him, more specifically in battle, and does a pretty good job handling the situation at hand. Andy has gotten really strong and is still super limber/flexible. As of now, he has no new aliens aside from the ones he gains when he's 13. Andy's builds are still the same, all the original builds Rex has (no Omega-1 builds) and his only original one which are pile drivers that come out of his arms (just like G1 Rumble). I don't know whether to upgrade his Omnitrix or keep it the same piece of shit it is. XD

It'd be fun to see those two duke it out like in Heroes United, although there's an even wider gap between skills and abilities (not in the "one's better than the other" sense, but that they're even more different than Ben and Rex with their arsenals). ;P
bambzilla May 13, 2012  Student Filmographer
Okay! Now to get started on him...right after I finish this essay for school. Then! Let the drawing of our future boys commence!
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